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“If there’s a lot of nitrogen, then they can make the toxin, if there’s insufficient nitrogen for their cellular work, they won’t.” As the BBC reports, testing the bacterial blooms has confirmed that they are indeed toxic. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in the four counties hit hardest by .Algae blooms can become deadly if left unreported, especially in developing countries.

While chemicals such as peroxide and more natural treatments such as packets of barley straw have been shown to kill off blooms in small, contained areas, the sheer size of the invasion, combined with the presence of tides, makes it very difficult to clear the blooms.

Massive blooms of potentially toxic cyanobacteria are washing onto beaches in Florida, keeping beach goers at home and raising concerns about possible impacts on public health.

The bacteria belong to the genus , meaning they are not technically algae, and are known to appear in areas with high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Both compounds leach into Florida’s Lake Okeechobee from industrial farming activities in the area.

And when conditions are right, the blooms produce a toxin that can cause kidney and liver damage, as well as painful rashes in those exposed to it., which migrated down the St.

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