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She said she draws in up to 100 people in her broadcast at a time and more than 5,000 people per day, most of which login out of loneliness. A lot of people in my room say they get home from work and have no one to talk to or nothing to do,' Heidi said.She admitted there are some hurdles to the job including telling her family what she does for a living.'Mum was very supportive and is always interested in what I am doing, but Dad was a little harder to convince because he couldn't initially look past the getting naked part,' she said.

Most university students pour beers to pay the bills, but Heidi is making a lavish living from the comfort of her room.The 23-year-old Melbourne woman is banking up to 0,000 a year as an online sex worker, also known as a cam-girl.And she's already snapped up a home with her earnings.How could he break through a lock which is very strong and powerful,' she told Seven News .Adding: 'bring back our chickens or I'm gonna kick you in the butt! Students were left distressed at the news of their playmates being stolen, with one youngster describing the perpetrator's actions as a crime against animals.'It was animal cruelty because they were breaking into the school property, and they stole and they damaged the lock,' the disgruntled pupil told Nine News.

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The remaining two chickens, Pom Pom and Bulbasaur, have stopped laying eggs and have gone off their food, the network reports.

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