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I was at an all boys school in the 80s and I remember one boy in my class getting really upset in the gym when he was told to take off his top.Turned out he had a birthmark on his chest that he was embarrassed about.

We had shower cubicles in which we showered in private. As you say by the age of 14 the shorts did not cover much.

They would see real fighting and ran the risk of injury or even death so the teachers thought they needed to be toughened up. Decades ago the law permitted teachers to dish out punishments no Prisoner would receive under law!

I now realise one of my PE teachers was probably suffering from undiagnosed PTSD from the War years previous.

Doubt anyone would have noticed if he hadn't drawn attention to himself, but after that everyone pointed to it each time he had to be shirtless!

I got to quite like having to be just in shorts for PE, it was more comfortable and free, even though I wasn't at all well built.

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