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The termas will have private rooms, a lobby, maybe even a gift shop and spa, and the club area where all the pre-partying happens. The brothel is presented as a nightclub, while being attached to a full-scale brothel. Most termas nightclubs charge an entry fee, and then you make your way to the club area where you can sit down and have drinks with prospective girls.

There is quite the big debate among Rio mongers about which termas is better: Centaurus or 4×4? Both are great, and both have very different atmospheres. It holds around 800 people, and things get pretty crammed after pm in the club area.4×4 has about 50 rooms and suites spread throughout, and most of them are large and comfortable.Some includes mirrors, jacuzzis, and mini dance floors.This seems to be the most popular format now for brothels in Rio, making it quite easy to find plenty of quality girls in a fun setting.Sex is celebrated here more than probably anywhere else in the world, so the vibes surrounding termas are the very opposite of shameful.

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The process is fairly simple: pay the entry fee, get a personal locker, change into a robe and slippers, maybe take a shower, and choose your girl.

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  2. The Spa and Salon at Red Rock offers treatments from around the world in 23 serene treatment rooms. The facility also has a full-service salon, a state-of-the-art fitness area, a movement studio and a lap pool with three outdoor cabanas.