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The most popular app, by far, was Tinder – where users indicate their interest in a nearby match by swiping left or right, and connect with the person only when the attraction is mutual.

The survey found 63% of online daters used Tinder, compared to 19% for OKCupid and 6% for Facebook.

You carry the baggage of needing to be understanding of your partner.

You might not want to turn down Karaoke Blast3000™, but you certainly can.

But when it comes to relationships, there’s a serious mismatch: 24% of men say they’re satisfied or very satisfied with the potential partners on offer at Wharton.

But not one woman indicated that same level of satisfaction with the partner pool, down from 20% the year before.

The most popular school was medicine – 54% said they’d like to date someone from Penn’s medical school – followed by law (42%), and nursing (31%), with 23% saying they had their eye on undergraduates.Women had some advice for men: “Don’t be a jerk, and don’t be so self-absorbed,” wrote one. “Man up and ask girls on actual dates instead of sending ambiguous texts, trying for drunken hookups, and staring at us awkwardly from afar,” said another. “If you’re in your mid/late 20s and want to take a girl on a date, Honeygrow doesn’t count,” wrote one woman, referring to a Philadelphia eatery where entrees cost or less. People earn MBAs for different reasons so they should tailor their experiences accordingly.A good mission exposes the “all or nothing” fallacy.

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