Tripp lite snmpwebcard updating tool

Hello, I recently purchased a Tripplite vertical 0U PDU - ID=3762 I notice that the firmware it shipped with is pretty old.I went through the manual, but there is nothing about firmware upgrades.(2) Navigate to the folder that has the firmware upgrade, cd [space] LOCATION and cd/ takes you back a step.(3) type FTP[space] “the IP address of the UPS” (4) Login (5) Type "bin" (6) Type "put [the name of the update]" to upload the file (7) Type "put pwralert.dat" when the prompt returns (8) Type "bye" when the prompt returns.

In addition, offers Less-Than-A-Truckload “LTL” option for products that cannot be shipped via parcel shipping.

Such as, one of the updated allowed traps to be sent in SNMP V3.

I am not sure why the devices may or may not shut themselves off while updating the webcard.

I am guessing that it has something to do with the restart comd. Instead of turning the card off and on, it just turns the whole thing off. Generally speaking that is very true, however with a device such as a PDU, especially one that is a zero-u type device that has ~ 20 odd devices attached to it that are designed to run in a 24x7 it's just a pretty bad design flaw.

Tripplite should have designed it with this in mind that's all.

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Update 13 August 2013 : New firmware released February 2013: Revision “E” updated Revision “C” from November 2012.

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