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It was already pretty late but we drove past a park that still looked lively from the first glance, it was Parque Fe del Valle in Galiano street.Upon closed inspection the people hanging out there looked a little bit weird so we jokingly started calling it crack head park.She was trying to sell us the room but when we insisted on separate rooms, the owner recommended another casa particular one around the corner.In Cuba everybody has a friend or a cousin that can offer any service you are looking for and it’s always just around the corner. Luisa is a character that could come straight from a movie.We had to wait in line for immigration for over an hour, surrounded by British tourist who where all in full blown tourist uniform: the sandals with white socks, the fanny packs and the back packs with the little water bottle attached to the side.

A , Spanish for “private house”, is a private homestay in Cuba similar to a bed and breakfast.Whatever, let’s just enjoy some local beers and see what Cuba has to offer in beer selection.The first beer we tried was Bucanero; it’s supposed to be a strong beer but it’s only 5,4%.We would join her for drinks before we went out and man… After we finally got settled in Casa Luisa, we decided not to waste any time and go for food and beers.We bought some local beers and had a bicycle taxi drive us around.

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We could come home completely shitfaced drunk and still she would push a shot glass in your hand: “Here, this will help you sleep better”. During the day if she wasn’t gossiping with the neighbors from across the street, she would be watching Korean soap operas with Spanish subtitles.

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