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A problem with the No.30 type sight, as integrally fitted to the BSA Mod.15 and Centurion rifles, was that, when the dovetail wore and slackened with use, it particularly affected windage - allowing the sight to rock on the rifle, and was impossible to repair or replace without renewing, or effecting major engineering on, the action body!The elevation graduations on the LHS of the rear of the action body are now redundant, and are superseded by another set on the new dovetail at the rear of the sight body.

The publication was revised and used again in 1931 still without mention, but a line drawing of the The barrel and action are similar to the "famous 12", the overall and barrel lengths are identical,but the rifles differ in that: i) The fore-end is longer than the earlier models and has both sling swivels screwed into it as opposed to one affixed to the barrel. As just mentioned, in 1932 this was chequered and the shape was reminiscent of the early Lincoln Jeffries air rifles. The cost of the "15" was initially set at £7-10s-0p in 1932. The model 15 action was also used for several models of the "Dewar" rifle. Parker-Hale offered their No 2 foresight as an option at an extra charge of two shillings and six pence. No 20 (These can easily be identified by the elements which only have one locating lug on the bottom; unlike the Parker-Hale elements and all that followed which have a lug on each side).This vehicle has been de-registered in the past and then registered again.The registration may have expired because the licence was not kept current or it may have been in an accident and written off by an insurance company.

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