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After the plate cooled to room temperature, the TLC plate containing the ink spots was scanned in the scanning TLC densitometer, which recorded the relative concentrations of each spot on the plate in relative percentages.

The percent extractions in the weak solvent at each time interval were compared (heated vs.

Aginsky measures the extraction of ink solvent (vehicle) components into solvents.

For all the inks tested to date, these measurements detect changes in ink up to 6 – 12 months.

Weak solvent extractions were performed using I-butanol (I0 u L for 10 plugs or less and 2Ou L for over 10 plugs).

Strong solvent extractions were performed with either pyridine or benzyl alcohol.

Also presented in this paper is a demonstration of the reverse extraction phenomenon which is the fact that some inks extract faster or more completely as the ink ages.

Introduction The concept of accelerated (artificial aging) as a way of estimating the age of paper, as measured by the folding endurance test, is well established and documented (1-5).

The aging parameter used was the extent of extraction into a weak solvent (water:methanol =3:1) of a fluorescent Rhodamine-type dye found in this ink.Each aliquot was spotted on a Merck HPTLC plate approximately 3/16″ apart and about 5/8″ up from one end of the plate.After removal of the last weak solvent aliquot, the remaining weak solvent extract was evaporated in an oven at 80 degrees C.Canto reported an excellent summary and discussion of all techniques reported to date on the aging of ink (11).Although the use of accelerated aging to estimate the age of inks has been widely reported, only a limited amount of actual experimental data has been published.

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While the data presented does not satisfy the requirements for this to be a research paper, (actual cases rarely provide adequate known dated writings) the data shows that accelerated aging is an effective and reliable way to estimate the age of inks when known dated writings are not available for comparison with questioned inks.

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