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Your Computer does not have enough free memory to run the game. If necessary, delete any unnecessary files to free space. Open Task Manager and close any program that might interrupt with XTrap.Use System Restore and return to the previous time you were able to play Cabal.What you should do is update your n Vidia graphics drivers from their official website.Remember to make a save point in case you need to restore your system.Please, close any program which is affecting the game client and restart the system.

The X-Trap nvd3identifies the file (a component of the nvidia graphics driver) as malicious (false-positive, the file is not malicious).Set your firewall and antivirus to allow it to connect.Also make sure that your internet connection is working or your computer networks work well.Some functions of the operating system are not working properly due to external program.Please, close any program which is affecting game client. * Make sure you're running as Windows Administrator.

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A program is interfering with client avoiding to run correctly.

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