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His performance as a hell-raising Vietnam recruit in Tigerland won comparisons to such badasses as Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson.

Now he’s on-screen with Al Pacino in the CIA thriller The Recruit and plays the villain in Daredevil, a comicbook adaptation that pits him against Ben Affleck.

In the corner, wearing a beanie and two stud earrings, strumming a guitar, and talking about poetry, Colin Farrell is about to make out with your girlfriend, and all you can do is applaud him and hold his drink while he does it.

Horrible Bosses felt like it never had a screenplay beyond the pitch — “there are these bosses …

You can assume one thing about an actor who chats unapologetically about his tangles with prostitutes, the celebrity images he masturbates to, drugs he’s sampled, why he’s happy about his foreskin and his best guess as to his co-star’s sexual orientation: He’s not an American.

Colin Farrell is a straightforward Irish guy’s guy – he swears a lot, chainsmokes and is frighteningly generous when answering questions about his personal life and career.

There is far too much fun to be derived from it for it to be anything but good. Playboy: Which you’ve done ever since the Australian woman who had the 400 condoms? Playboy: If you were to start your own line of condoms, what would you name it? Playboy: Is your success rate with women better since you’ve become well known?

In London, Kevin Spacey was so impressed with Farrell in a stage role as an autistic teen that he recommended him to the director of the 2000 film Ordinary Decent Criminal.

That gig landed him an American agent and, soon after, the lead in Joel Schumacher’s Tigerland and the WWII prison camp movie Hart’s War, in which he starred as a lieutenant alongside Bruce Willis.

Farrell: I have two fucking beers at lunchtime in Los Angeles and I’ve got an edge all of a sudden. It’s not how much love you have in your life, it’s how much money you get paid. For women, it’s the French manicured nails and the Brazilian bikini wax, the one that gives you the landing-strip pussy. We’re fucking steaming drunk from drinking all day, and three guys, 30 to 40 years old, sit down at the table beside us. Farrell: Girl trouble, for me, is when you fall in love – that’s fucking girl trouble. A girl not returning your phone calls or spreading rumors about you, that’s not girl trouble, just a pain in the ass. Playboy: When did you first get into that kind of trouble?

Two beers at lunch and, suddenly, you’re a “drinker.” I understand the obsession in Hollywood. So much importance is placed on the physical, the image, how you’re doing in life. When the gorgeous little Filipino barman comes over and says to them, “Would you guys like anything? I think I’ll have a large Pellegrino, please.” I swear to fuck, I’m not one for going, “Come on, man, drink more – do shots! Farrell: Last night I was opening a bottle of fucking beer but couldn’t get the top off and my fingers slipped. I remember my mother getting a report when I was very young, which she still has: “Colin is getting in too many fights.” Playboy: What were you fighting about? Farrell: I was 16 when I fell in love with a girl named Amelia, who came from this big Portuguese family we were friendly with in Castleknock.

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London Boulevard is totally enjoyable, a slight variation on the Ray character Farrell plays in In Bruges, and is largely made up of the tracking shots of bars with Rolling Stones songs playing from Martin Scorsese movies.

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