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To keep the speed/odo as accurate as possible, you're going to be using 225 profile tyres - so, if you have a local dealer, ask them to stick a TL wheel on, then measure the clearances and that'll let you do the maths on what width/offset you can go to without it rubbing or sticking out beyond the arch. Now I don't know what I want to do, I thought I had a plan. I'll have to do some searching to see if it's available. He won't be driving like that there's a switch where he can set the ride height.

It is a deeply personal and emotional issue as real families must wrestle with gay kin who are refusing to migrate or be exiled from their families. 97)Many researchers have noted the enormous changes underway in the lives of American gays and lesbians.Overall, this research suggests, that society is still structured by heteronormativity; the mundane, everyday practices, norms, and institutions through which heterosexuality is privileged and taken for granted as normal and natural (Jackson, 2006; Kitzinger, 2005).Further, this research expands Seidman’s understanding that despite being “beyond the closet” the normalization of gays and lesbians is incomplete.After looking through all the wheel posts no one seems to have a staggered wheel setup on their TSX.I am interested in doing this since I saw a TSX in the MRR wheels gallery with staggered wheels. I am new to the forum and it has been very helpful, but I have a wheel/tire question.

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In particular, Seidman (2002) argues that lesbians and gays have become normalized, even if incompletely, and that they have moved “beyond the closet”– that is, past a specific historical period in which homosexuals led double lives.

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