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The Christianity we know today is a result of what those men agreed upon over that sticky month, including the timing of the religion's most important holiday, Easter, which celebrates Jesus rising from the dead. Christian doctrine at the time was muddled and inconsistent, especially when it came to the central question of Jesus' relationship to God.

Young religion Christianity was young and still working out the kinks when Constantine took power over the Roman Empire in A. Jesus was as eternally divine as the Father, said one camp led by the Archbishop Alexander of Alexandria.

Contrary to popular belief, the council had nothing to do with selecting which verses and gospels would be included in the Bible, nor whether Christianity agreed or disagreed with the concept of reincarnation.

Bishops did not burn books they deemed heretical there either, historians say.

The bishops also used the Council of Nicea to set in stone some church rules that needed clarification, and those canons were the reference point after which all future laws were modeled.

As a final order of business, the bishops decided upon a date for the holiest of Christian celebrations, Easter, which was being observed at different times around the empire.

Acclaim has mounted not just for the powerful performances of its veteran stars - Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling in perfectly understated form - but for its bleakly truthful treatment of themes that concern us all: how to handle the past, live in the present and make love last.Another group, named the Arians after their leader Arius the preacher, saw Jesus as a remarkable leader, but inferior to the Father and lacking in absolute divinity.Supporters on both sides scrawled graffiti on town walls in defiance while bishops from across the empire entered into a war of words as the controversy simmered to a head in 324.A l'origine, le film devait porter le même nom que sa source d'inspiration, à savoir le comic book "Hellblazer", de Jamie Delano et Garth Ennis.Les producteurs ont finalement préféré Constantine, car le titre du comic était trop proche d'Hellraiser de Clive Barker, un film d'horreur réalisé en 1987.

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