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Truly, patients are the highest priority, and the office strives to provide advanced, quality care.

Valencia Center for Women’s Health is truly at the forefront of advanced medical services.

It is one of the most skilled, caring, and considerate women’s centers in the region. Valencia Center for Women’s Health serves patients throughout the Santa Clarita Valley area and provides premiere obstetric and gynecological services.

It is one of the most skilled, caring, and considerate women’s centers in the region. Women experience many changes over time as the female body evolves.

The OB/GYN can be intimidating or embarrassing for many women, which keeps them from making an appoi.

But there are many reasons that every woman needs to visit the OB/GYN regularly.

Overall physical health The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists strongly urges women starting at ages 13-15 to see their OB/GYN annually.

Its website states, “In general the physical examination will include obtaining standard vital signs, determining body mass index, palpating the abdomen and inguinal lymph nodes, and making an assessment of the patient’s overall health.” Some will have a pelvic examination and clinical tests done as well.

Irregular menstruation If a woman has a concern about her menstrual cycle, it's important to make an appointment with the OB/GYN asap.The goal is to maintain and restore good health whenever possible.Valencia Center for Women’s Health and director Dr. Michelle Uaje are proud to provide their experience and expertise to Valencia Center for Women’s Health.In particular, it recommends that "patients with menstrual disorders, vaginal discharge, infertility or pelvic pain should receive a pelvic examination," as well as "perimenopausal patients with abnormal uterine bleeding, changes in bowel or bladder function or symptoms of vaginal discomfort..."It is not every woman’s favorite appointment, but a pelvic exam is indispensable to a woman's overall health.6.Pap smear To stay clear of cancer and other health concerns, a pap smear is necessary every few years.

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