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For a range of reasons, these people thrive on the idea that they can live off the waste of others.is an ongoing exploration into the many facets of this lifestyle.I look through the Internet because it really saves on gas and there are so many people out there with crazy amounts of crap.Most of the time people call me up and give me stuff – that’s my favourite.” Jinx and most of the other people who live similar lifestyles are opposed to the shameful wastefulness that surrounds them.

He noticed the manufacturer date and after some online research found that it was still under warranty.The people that I’m documenting for this project vary greatly in what they are looking for and what they choose to do with the things they find, but one thing they have in common is their motivating force: they are not scavenging out of desperation or necessity; instead, they are drawn to this lifestyle with a sense of purpose.Through the lens, I am working towards lifting the negative stigma that has been assigned to people who live this way and attempting to shed some light on the positive impact these treasure hunters can have on the world around them.Jinx was organising one of the community projects for the race and told me that he thought it would be a great way to incorporate community into my documentary.He had already been working hard with some friends in Asheville’s river arts district to tear down an old abandoned building, rescue the old lumber and metal and put it to better use.

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