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When it wasn't busy toying with the coyote gene pool, the gray wolf competed with and preyed on the coyote. When habitat loss and development pressure decimated the gray wolf population, coyotes found a whole new world to exploit. It loves blueberries and raspberries, but above all it loves ample food, and people provide regular windfalls.An opportunist to its core, a coyote will eat almost anything, from rodents to road kill. Human development -­ with its accompanying refuse and disruption of habitat ­ makes surprisingly good coyote habitat.If, in a northern forest, a coyote might claim a territory as large as 62 square miles, a suburban coyote can thrive in a territory that measures a scant five square miles.

Both Pennsylvania and New York estimate their coyote population at about 30,000 animals: 30,000 wily, highly adaptable, long-ranging animals.

As open country and farmlands created wildlife corridors, the Western coyote apparently traveled north and east until it met up with its kissing cousin.

If the theory proves accurate, the Eastern coyote sprang from a truly dysfunctional relationship.

The company sells 100% coyote urine, a product with a smell like a punch to the head. Sprinkled around the perimeter of a garden, Leg Up's coyote urine helps gardeners protect their plants. Although wild coyotes have a life span of only four years, hunting has had little impact.

Capture of the very clever, very elusive animal, with its superior senses, defeats most hunters.

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