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Barns could be 'pole barns - constructed by a series of logs or planed timber made to last hundreds of years.

Bank Barn In a bank barn the ground floor is the stables for cattle, horses and other livestock.

By the end of the century Manitoba wheat fetched a higher price in the Toronto market than Ontario wheat.

By then most farmers has moved to livestock and dairy.

Others were moving to towns, but the farms were no longer as prevalent as they had been.

Farmers had a difficult time attracting farm laborers.

Basic English Barn An English style barn would have two ‘mows' or haymows, often at right angles to one another.After the Second World War there was a mass immigration from Europe.Many displaced families bought up the farms along the shores of Lake Erie.The 19th century farms cut down ALL the trees, leaving nothing for wind breaks or for shade. Often there was very little wood lot left on the property once the lumber men had gone through.Huge old growth forests were chopped down to make barns, houses, schools and fence posts.

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