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This issue looks at MOOCs for jihadists, The Melania Trump bump, India’s leap towards a cashless society, Cyborgs at the workplace, China’s Silk Road put to EU test, Advancesin insurtech, Data driven beauty, Smartphone zombies and much more…The strongest brands of the future will have to regard the relationship between brand and consumer as almost identical to the relationships formed between people./ VR and Lucid Dreaming / Photo Series: What Sort of Life is This by Albert Elm / 4chan / Futures Past: The Radiofax / News About Technology and Science / Blogs, Books, Podcasts / Tech / Trends / Ideas, Visions and more…See the video with highlights from our latest members’ event at ISS’ headquarter, co-hosted by ISS, Steelcase and Am Cham.

The reports are the results of a larger, ongoing project that looks at how new technology and changing value sets and business models change product design across sectors and how organisations must adapt to these changes.Read The Future of Workplace Strategy (requires login) Pussyhats, and T-shirts with feminist catchphrases have in recent years been a part of the street scene in the US, and the Western public in general, and more and more people are wearing their activist messages on their clothes.We examine how political fashion has become ammunition in the identitypolitical tribal war that has erupted across the West.The report provides and overview of the technological development as well as inspiration for how you, as a decision-maker in a company or organisation, can use it to your advantage.Read Smart Society (requires login) This issue looks at floating cities, information warfare, the future of tax, earning eternal life, mixed realities, drone hives, unmanned aerial aid, AI predicting lifespan, automated shipping and much more…

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