Five tips to know before dating a father

Adopt these 10 diet and lifestyle tips over the next month and you’ll find you will boost your resilience to temptation when the busy period begins and effortlessly ward off unwanted weight gain.

Cold weather and shorter days are not so enticing when it comes to venturing outdoors and it is surprisingly easy to end up doing very little or no exercise at all during the week.

Over the weekend when you have a little more time, try to allow for a longer walk or other exercise activity.

These unnecessary calories will sabotage your efforts to establish a healthy routine and as they’re loaded with refined sugar, will also encourage cravings for even more sugar.

Instead, if you’re on the go, order a regular tea or coffee or herbal tea, which will last a lot longer and provide the hydration you need to feel satiated.

With excessive calorie consumption ahead, your daily routine of exercise is crucial.

Firstly, look in your diary and work out a slot each day to incorporate some exercise.

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In doing so, removal of other toxins such as environmental toxins, used up hormones, medications or waste products naturally produced as a result of the body’s natural processes will be compromised and you will feel tired and lethargic as a result.

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