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Actually they came to see the play and I was so nervous because they’re such badasses and I was like, If I f--k this up they’re going to drag me outside in the snow and beat me, so I had to make sure I did the best I could. I can see the squirming if you’re getting bored so I try to keep it racy. Fair, I mean, god forbid you turn on us, s--t might go down.

Your character does almost punch someone in the play. I’ve never actually hit her, but I’ve told her if she has a back-up, I might hit her one night, so she knows it’s possible. No, I haven’t, only guys who had lots of padding on in kickboxing. I asked a lot of my girlfriends as I was getting ready for the play, hey, have you ever punched another girl in the face? I mean, haven’t you ever wanted to punch a girl in the face? On a different note, about six weeks ago, you went to Greece to help with Syrian refugees and wrote a series of essays for the Huffington Post on your experience. I got involved with the International Rescue Committee about two years ago [through my cousin] and they handle all facets from the time a crisis point flares up and there needs to be a refugee camp set up, they stay with people all the way until they get back home or to a new home.

Maggie comes across as pretty angry character, relentlessly so. Maggie is just defending herself, defending her choice, defending her kid or defending her mom.

As an actress, is it difficult every night to tap into such a dark place? I feel so many women have so much on their plates every day I’m sure she seems angry from the outside, [but I think] she’s just trying to get through the f--king day. Earlier this year, in January, I went to a conference of the AFL-CIO about raising the minimum wage.

It really opened my eyes to a day-to-day struggle that’s going on.Adding to the tension is Maggie’s biting mother and her ex-husband’s perky, angelic new wife, whose presence forces Maggie and Lou to face their treacherous past together—and the repercussions it portends for the future.Here, Perabo, who is currently developing (alongside her writer-director husband Stephen Kay) a television series, , about a present day female photojournalist, chats playing tough, pulling punches and volunteering with the Syrian refugee crisis.And I know how John speaks and once I got the part I started angling to meet his family and so eventually he relented and we went to Rhode Island where some of his family live and had some dinners with them that I recorded just the audio on.So a lot of my accent is based on how those women speak. The Lucille Lortel is so small, I’m guessing you can really see the audience. I know if you’re uncomfortable in your seat, I can see you moving. When we did at the Lortel I don’t know why, there were so many noisy people, like people who wanted to take their raincoat on and off a hundred times or they brought bags of chips and inhalers and all this stuff I never realized was so loud. They might just be afraid of Maggie and so they might be afraid to make any noise.

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