Social penetration theory and online dating

Just like TV, Radio and other media, the internet terrain has produced new spaces for information, debate and participation as well as new possibilities for manipulation and social control according to Keller.The new media has invented terms such as global village, cyberspace, blogosphere and virtual community.The Internet is not confined to physical space constraints such as frequency bandwidth; it can expand to infinite length allowing everyone to be a publisher or producer.This free flow of information can promote diversity of views and expand democratic space.This paper attempts to explore these perspectives in relationship development.

Lawrence Erlbaum, communication is an interactive process.The electronic media in form of World Wide Web create unified communities.Boeder, observes that computer mediated communication has taken the place of coffee-house discourse.Internet can therefore create critical discourse that may influence political action.Networking of individuals enables the public to hold all institutions of government and politics more accountable.

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