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All the writers, cast, network and studio execs — everyone who worked on the show in any capacity was there watching.

There was a big delay while we waited for them to get the rain right, so everyone had a chance to really take in the moment. It was going to be shocking no matter what and they wanted to soften it a little bit or at least get people talking about it.

She had developed her priorities and proven that strong women don’t have to sacrifice love for work or vice versa.

Much like Leslie Knope on “Parks and Recreation,” the battle between work and romance was well depicted by Robin on “How I Met Your Mother” — until this final episode.

Some of it worked and some of it didn’t, but the effort was always there. The biggest complaint regarding an episode truly littered with mistakes big and small is and always will be that Ted and Robin ended up together — and the how is as upsetting as the why.

Neither sound like the Robin that grew into the devoted friend and wife to Barney (of all people) we came to know in the previous eight seasons.

She always valued her work — as she should — but she was willing to give all that up for a man when she was offered a job in Chicago and instead chose to stay with her boyfriend Don (rabbit or duck? Of course, Don then took the job and left her, but her choice was still relevant.

So we did the scene a bunch of times and it felt good and real and effortless and then people made a few speeches and we all went to Mac Laren's for a final drink. They had mentioned to me the twist about the mother in the first season, and I kind of put it out of my head. Were you aware that people had essentially called exactly what happened? You’ve lived in this character for so many years, do you think he thought about Robin when he was with “The Mother”?

I didn’t know if they would actually want to come back to it and do that, especially after Cristin, because she was so wonderful and the fans seemed to really take to her. They cut a scene that Cobie [Smulders] and I shot between Ted and Robin.

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