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The thief will then get all of your mail until you can sort out the situation, including documents like credit card and bank statements. If you get a change of address notice in your mail, act immediately.

One way to avoid this is to go paperless, and have your statements sent electronically.

Old-fashioned pickpockets are still out there, too, so keep your wallet somewhere that’s not easily accessible to thieves.

If a thief knows your name and address, he/she can submit a change of address form using your information.

This technology is incredibly cheap; you can buy one of these devices on Amazon for as little as -7, which may be one reason why 70% of card skimming occurs in restaurants.

Once your card has been swiped, your data is stored for re-use or resale to someone who will clone the information gleaned from the card’s magnetic strip to a new card.

Many police departments have a way to file a police report online at their websites.

Contact all of the major credit reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax and Transunion, and put in place a fraud alert for your credit reports.

In this scenario, a thief calls you, pretending to be from your credit card issuer, and asks you to verify your personal ID data.For instance, after you’ve given your server your credit or debit card to pay for dinner, the server disappears to swipe your card to create your receipt.But, what if your server is also a cyber-thief and swipes your card on a little device called a skimmer that attaches to a smart phone?Make certain your windows are up and all doors are locked.If you have valuables in the car like a wallet or your phone, keep them out of sight.

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Over the 2013-2014 holiday season, hackers used a phishing scam to attack payment terminals installed at Target store registers and found a back way into Target’s entire data system.

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