Updating sharepoint lists from ssis

Phil Factor has continued to collect them and the current state of the art is reflected in this article.There are now around 150 of these smells and SQL Code Guard is committed to cover as many as possible of them.

However, the string shouldn’t represent a list of values.

Also, in real life, relationships tend have a beginning and an end, and this often needs to be recorded.

The HIERARCHYID data type and the common language runtime (CLR) Sql Hierarchy Id class are provided to make tree structures represented by self-referencing tables more efficient, but they are likely to be appropriate for only a minority of applications.

It is fair to then take an arm’s-length approach and store it as XML, but in this case it will need to be encapsulated by views and table-valued functions so that the SQL Programmer can easily access the contents.

Although a business may choose to represent a date as a single string of numbers or require codes that mix text with numbers, it is unsatisfactory to store such data in columns that don’t match the actual data type.

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If you need to parse the value of a column to access values within it, it is likely to need to be normalised, and it will certainly be slow.

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