Shroud of turin fake carbon dating

They said that Juan Diego whose tilma had the imprint of the Virgin Mary that he never existed until the Codex Escalada debunked the “no Juan Diego” theory.

The document described a woman stomping on a crescent moon and even mentioned this insignificant shepherd “Juan Diego” and was authenticated to be from the sixteenth century.

Historians will tell you that Luther opposed insurrection on principle, but cavalierly Luther sanctioned wholesale theft of ecclesiastical properties on the grounds that the inhabitants had forsaken the “gospel”: “If they are not the church but the devil’s whore that has not remained faithful to Christ, then it is irrefutably and thoroughly established that they should not possess church property.” (Wider Hans Wurst, or Against Jack Sausage, p.

220) This type of sophist liberal zigzagging is nothing new.

And yet another scandal, erupted when the Italian journalist Andrea Tornielli published in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale questioning the historicity of Juan Diego who was behind the tilma which the image miraculously formed on.

Scroll all the way till you reach the sections on textual criticism of the Quran and the Book of Mormon and what do you find? And the only reason these are even mentioned is because they hitch on the Bible.

Above the central landscape is the date “1548” beneath which are four lines of Nahuatl text written in the Latin alphabet which can be translated as: “In this year of 1531 there appeared to Cuauhtlatoatzin our dearly beloved mother Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico”.

Below the landscape and a little off-centre to the right, is the imposing signature of Fray Bernardino de Sahagún (ca.

Directly beneath the kneeling Indian is more Nahuatl text written in the Latin alphabet, the first part of which can be translated as: “Cuauhtlatoatzin died a worthy death”; and the second as: “in 1548 Cuauhtlatoatzin died.” From other sources, this is known to be the native name of Juan Diego.” Juan Diego after all did exist.

Yet around these same times while some apparition many claimed as ‘demonic’ was changing Mexico’s savage paganism, Martin Luther’s Wittenberg’s edition covered 9 pages of a discussion Luther had with Lucifer and the ‘scholars’ could care less about his Muhammadan style encounters with the devil.

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