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Superintendent Frerking said in his 26 years with Freeburg High School, he has repeatedly heard the question: “Why are there so many different districts? So there’s no real driving force to make us want to consolidate right now.” “It’d be different, I think, if we were scraping to get by, if our enrollment was in the 40s and everything we did was a challenge. “And (board members) didn’t want to go through with paying all this money and getting involved in this study just for the heck of it.” State finances contributed to some districts’ interest in conducting studies now, including Freeburg District 77 and Venice District 3.” “The reason is that’s how it was set up 80, 90 years ago, and it just hasn’t changed,” he said. We’ve never looked at it in the detail that they’ll look at it in the feasibility study.” Freeburg District 77, Freeburg District 70 and Smithton District 130 are sharing the cost of an estimated ,000 study by consultants Nick Osborne and Rosborg. Libory District 30 School Board decided not to participate in the study because it has “no intention” of consolidating. “Twenty years ago, all the districts were in a lot healthier shape financially,” Frerking said.“The chamber is not for or against school consolidation,” he said.“That’s really why we’ve taken on this endeavor.” Hopkins explained that if the districts paid for a study that showed it would be beneficial to consolidate, the perception could be that the districts were promoting consolidation.Cosponsored Forum: Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Education Law Center (ELC) Consolidation of New Jersey’s more than 590 school districts, while challenging, could increase equity and educational outcomes and potentially yield economic benefits to the state.ETS and ELC hosted a forum on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, that examined these benefits, considered the challenges, and worked to re-engage stakeholders and the public in this important discussion.He said Venice paid for that study because it was required by the financial oversight panel that the state put in place in Venice.At the time, district leaders thought a reorganization wouldn’t have created more educational opportunities for students, Cullen said.

“We’re trying to promote an unbiased approach,” Hopkins said.

The Smithton District 130 School Board is interested in the benefits or drawbacks of reorganization as it considers ways to address space issues in its only building.

Enrollment has grown to the point that Smithton Elementary School can’t hold the students it currently has.

During studies, consultants look through documents that cover aspects of the schools — from students to finances — from the last five years to make predictions about what the future could look like for the districts.

But, like other districts have learned in the past, conducting a study doesn’t mean anything will change in the end.

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