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So far, I'd say I'd buy this at a low price or swap for it, because it is reasonably pleasant, an okay winter office scent, but I think I'd rather wear something like Magnet for Men by Eclectic Collections because I prefer the notes in that one and the "quality" seems to be the same.I'll update if I get something different as it develops.Attention j'aime bien ce parfum, mais je ne comprends pas son classement car il y a quand même pas mal de parfums bien au dessus selon moi... En ce qui concerne ce Dior Homme Intense 2011 j'ai du mal à le sentir quand je le porte, j'en met donc un spray sur une main quand je porte un autre parfum pour pouvoir profiter de cette addictive odeur de poire chocolatée. So complex with so many layers and traces of subtle nuances that make a symphony of scents that can be only experienced through DHI. I would say this is the definitive male fragrance quality. According to Fragrantica users this is the best fragrance of all times for men. The opening, to me, is like scented packing materials and cardboard.

Vintage Jaipur Homme, though (at least Ed P), is something at least relatively unique, and it does take chances, so to speak.

It's not lumberjack or old man country club masculine. The problem is, people only smells the scent on themselves and not others.

I repeat, this and it's forefather Dior Homme, are far from feminine.

DHI hits the magic spot for many people but maybe not for you specifically. :-) It is as simple as that :-) Les votes de la communauté Fragrantica ont placé ce parfum numero 1 des masculins de tout le temps...

Mind you, DHI is still one of the highest rated fragrances on Fragrantica. devant des parfums comme Bel Ami, Habit Rouge, Derby, Antaeus, Eau Sauvage, Fahrenheit et j'en oublie...

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