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The sherd collection includes thousands of diagnostic potsherds from the Neolithic to the Islamic periods.The display collection includes Chalcolithic material from Tuleilat Ghassul, Early Bronze pottery from a tomb, Egyptian scarabs, a large collection of Roman-Byzantine pottery, and more. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.According to the 21st chapter of the Book of Kings, Naboth owned a vineyard on the eastern slope of the hill of Jezreel near the palace of King Ahav," BIN explained."The king coveted the land but Naboth did not want to sell the plot, and since it was an inheritance, Torah law forbade him from selling it outright.Queen Jezebel intervened, staging a mock trial in order to seize Naboth's property."Franklin said, however, that she disputes some aspects of the biblical narrative, and suggested that Naboth did not actually live in Jezreel."Owning a vineyard would make him wealthy since wine was an important commodity.

The scarab was affixed to a ring that reportedly bore the name of Seti I, considered to be one of the most powerful pharaohs in Egypt during the Nineteenth Dynasty.Numerous reconstructions provide the visitor with an authentic experience of the ancient world. The Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern Art collection includes what may be the mummy of pharaoh Ramesses I.The Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery is filled with artifacts on long-term loan from the Israel Antiquities Authority. The museum also has a collection of Greek and Roman Art.The collection includes about 100 artifacts, primarily from the excavations of Tel Beth Shemesh.Badè Archaeological Museum, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA. El Camino College Anthropology Museum, Torrance, CA.

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Seti I is said to be the father of Ramesses II, who some scholars believe to be the Pharaoh in the biblical story of Exodus, who drove the Israelites from Egypt.

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