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I used to study at the Union as I loved — and oddly, could concentrate — being surrounded by the motion and din of happy, frenetic student activity. Halfway there, I would sit in this spot on the grass and gaze up at the trees.It was an incredibly peaceful place for me to pause and seemed to be located right between my present and my future possibilities.“We made the front page above the fold — or rather, Alma Mater did, sporting her big red A. “Of course, this won’t mean as much to readers who never had to read ‘The Scarlet Letter’ in high school.” — Economist Vipin Arora recalls passing one fine fall day as a freshman after class. “If you look at most any picture of Alma Mater, you will see the gorgeous backdrop of very old trees.My favorite place on campus was a spot under those trees between the Student Union and the statue.“I didn’t think I could afford to not have my books for the remainder of the weekend and possibly lose them if I left them.I thought about different ways I could get in the building.

“I didn’t know they locked the building but found out it was locked at 5 p.m. I was able to look in a window into the classroom and see my books. I was panicked since the CPA exam was in early May.We have an original painting of the building done by Judy Ikenberry that hangs in our law office.Regrettably, the current law school building built on the site of the horse stables just doesn’t have same character.” We say Armory, Illini track and field legend Tonja Buford-Bailey says ... “My husband Victor and I met at the Armory,” says the three-time Olympian.You’ll see some of the most famous and favorite spots on campus, as hand-drawn by Lyncoln Delporte, accompanied by more stories. We’ll be adding to the site throughout the year — and beyond — so let us know what you think, or would like to see, by emailing [email protected] “The intersection of Green and South Wright streets is bustling with activity — students running between classes, squirrels hopping in snow and cold winds gusting through Green Street.We say Alma, Google software engineer Shivani Singh says ... “All of a sudden, the majestic bell tower next to the Alma Mater commences its noontime chime — ‘Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee’ — and orchestrates chaos into music.

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