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It would be very incongruous for shows like Similarly, the voices and music of people of colour have been considered highly lucrative since the earliest days of the recording industry. an enormously profitable occupation for the retailer who knows his way about,” said an article published in 1926.

Throughout the entire 20th century, black artists in particular formed the bedrock of the music industry’s most popular genres from jazz, the early days of rock through to disco, pop and hip-hop, even if they only saw a fraction of the profits. The audience wants to fuck the bachelor and/or the contestants.

It’s pretty hard to argue that this year’s contestants are reflective of a country where, on a conservative calculation, more than 22 percent of the population has Asian, Pacific Islander, African, South American or Indigenous Australian ancestry, according to the census.

To be fair to the show’s producers, there is one contestant, Elora, who is from Tahiti.

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